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Janette Charlton


Phone: 403-227-0060 / 403-227-3292 / 403-227-3244

Key Roles

I have been the Librarian in our school for five years now. I work with our students to help them find good fit books that they will enjoy reading. I also distribute the textbooks to students.  I am a proud member of Team Kaawaan from the Innisfail Middle School, a Seal from John Wilson Elementary, and a Cyclone from the Innisfail High School.

I am originally from Innisfail and continue to live in the area with my husband and son which he is graduating in 2021. My daughter lives away and is going to college.I like humor and having a good fun. Especially when it comes to certain sports teams. Go Flames Go.

I believe in the saying "Love, Live and Laugh".