Why Houses?

The house structure is designed to create a sense of family and belonging in our school.  Students already have a sense of belonging to a grade level and within their grade teams, teachers and students work together in creative ways.  Houses will provide us with opportunities to build positive connections and relationships between students and staff in cross-graded teams.  Houses will work together to build school culture, foster and encourage character education, and move forward the values of our school.

Students will be engaged in House Time where they will be doing team-building activities, community service projects, school spirit activities, and character education.  Students will be able to earn house points by following MP3 expectations, achieving excellence, ‘winning’ friendly team competitions, uplifting their peers, and being good citizens of our school and community.   

Houses - Meaning and Purpose

Each house name was selected purposefully by staff members.  We chose four names that represent important cultures in our community.  Also, we chose words that speak to the school culture we would like to create.


  • the orange house
  • mascot is a tiger
  • pronounced am-bee-sea
  • Dutch word for ambition
  • house traits are ambition, bravery, persistence, determination


  • the red house
  • mascot is a red panda
  • Philipino word for compassion
  • house traits are respect, compassion, kindness


  • the green house
  • mascot is a wolf
  • Cree word for dreamer
  • house traits are dream, passion, inspire, create


  • the blue house
  • mascot is an owl
  • pronounced sa-j-essss
  • French word for wisdom
  • house traits are wisdom, strength, energy, courage