Concerts/ Workshops


Remembrance Day – Wednesday, November 6, 10:30am(may change) – Concert and Sr. Band will be performing during the Remembrance Day Ceremony. 

Christmas Concert– Tuesday,  December 10 - All Bands 2pm in the IMS Gym. Concert lasts approximately 1 hour, so please plan to attend the entire show and don't forget to bring a donation for the Food Bank! 

Casino - February 18/19  We are looking for volunteers to help out with this year’s Casino.  The band receives a portion of this money to help out our program so it would be great if we can provide several helpers.  This is during our February break this year.

Dessert Fundraiser Concert 50 Years Celebration – Sunday, March 22 - All Bands. 

Band Camp - May 1,2 - We will be heading to overnight band camp leaving in the morning Friday and returning in the afternoon on Saturday.  Costs will be around $100 and are still being determined based on clinicians, bussing and facilities. (Cancelled due to lack of interest - March 11)

Music Monday – Monday, May 11 – Annual Music Monday celebration in the IHS Gym at 11:00am including all bands and EJWES students. 

Spring Concert and Awards – Wednesday, June 3 - All Bands - 6:45pm - general meeting for all parents (15 minutes) followed by the concert and awards ceremony.

Parade – Saturday, June 14 - All Bands - meet at the school at 9:15am.  We will be looking for a trailer again this year if you know anyone with a large flatbed trailer that they would like to donate the services of.

Graduation –June TBA -Concert and Sr. Band will be playing prior to and during the High School Graduation Ceremony


**If your child needs to rent an instrument, we will be using 53rd Street Music’s Online rental feature this year.  You can go to their website, and click on the Rentals Tab.  Then scroll down and choose the link under Band Instrument Rental.  Once there, Choose Alberta, start typing Innisfail and choose the one that pops up and then start typing Innisfail again and choose Ecole Innisfail Middle School or Ecole Innisfail Jr/Sr High School(whichever applies to you)  Once you have filled out your necessary information, they will bring this instruments out to the school for your child to use. You may also choose to stop by the store in Red Deer and rent from them there as well. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We do rent some of the larger instruments through the school so please let me know if you aren’t sure.

Current Price List From 53rd Street Music (Doesn’t include tax):

Flute/Clarinet/Trumpet/Trombone: Good$14, Better $20, Best $30/month

Alto Sax: Good $27, Better $37, Best $60/month