All fundraising helps out areas in the band program as a whole. Many bands would not have the opportunity to do many of the things that our students are luxury to. We are able to offer free workshops to our students, free festival entry and bussing, new music every year, trips, instruments available for rent or loan. Students will be credited 50% of the profits toward their future tour accounts.  This is done in hopes that we can increase the amount that each student can save between tours. The more fundraising you do, the less costly your tour will be in high school.


Coupon Book - September - $25 for Admazing Savings Coupon books that are terrific! I always buy two and easily save more than I spend on the books.  Please sign these books out from Mr. Bushell to sell them and receive $7 credit for each book. Money/books due in by September 28.

Poinsettias - October 1- Due by October 18 for delivery Thursday, December 10th after the Winter Celebration until 5pm.  I will need help with sorting on the 9th.

Dessert Concert 50 Year Celebration! –Sunday, March 22 IMS Gym (students will be selling tickets in advance for this year’s event.) 

Meat Sale – February 3 forms out, due back February 24 .  Delivery Thursday, March 19.


Contact Info:

IMS 227-0060 ext. 5255 Home 865-4515 Cell 598-0182