The following are the bands and their descriptions for the 2018-2019 school year. Some of the bands are new configurations again this year.

Grade 6 Beginner Band - Grade 6's will be beginners this year so they will start in beginner band.  They will meet every week on day 1 or 3 and will be recieving instruments from the school and band program as this is a mandatory class this year.

Grade 7/8 Concert Band- Grade 7 and 8 will be teamed up to create an intermediate band this year. This band will be playing harder music than that of the previous concert band. They will meet every day 1 and 3 from 2-3pm.    

Senior Band - Grades 9-12 will make up this year's Senior Band. The Senior Band will be hosted during the Concert Band time.  This group will have class every day 1 in block 5. We will perform several concerts at the school and in the community.  

Junior/Senior Jazz Band - Jazz Band plays music from beginner to medium level and meets onTuesday and Thursday before school from 8-8:30. The emphasis is on learning new styles of music and the elements of jazz.  Starts Sept. 6.